Why your body shape doesn’t matter when wedding dress shopping

When looking for the dream dress brides often think it’s important to look at what body type you are, in order to find the most flattering wedding dress.

However, Kerri from wedding shop, Bridal Indulgence, believes that “wedding dresses are very different to everyday dresses and brides are often surprised by what shape suits them.”

To make dress shopping even more complicated, there isn’t one rule for which dress shape will suit your body type. This because a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. This includes things like the fabric and the pattern on the dress. “A bride could try on three different fishtail dresses but they may not all work with her body shape as it will depend on the fabrics and pattern placement,” says Kerri.

The best advice that Kerri can offer a bride-to-be is to go dress shopping with a completely open mind: “Try on all shapes and styles.  You can then eliminate what you don’t like and focus on what you do like. Remember that the dresses look very different on the hangers so don’t be quick to dismiss them and listen to the sales person in the shop. They will have seen the dresses on many different body shapes so will be able to suggest styles that she think could work on you.”

So what is on trend this season? Kerri gives the lowdown on what brides might be seeing on the shelves.

Tulle: “Tulle continues to be very popular for brides wanting to create that romantic look. It’s lightweight, moves easily and looks beautiful so it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice!”

Feature Backs: “The back of the dress is just as important as the front and there is definitely a trend for ‘feature backs, whether it’s an applique design on tulle, buttons going down the back or a stunning lace design.”

Colours: “Colours continue to be key; soft shades of almond, champagne and chardonnay are flattering on so many skin tones and are a great alternative to ivory.”

Separates: “Separates are becoming more and more popular as brides are able to mix and match different styles to create their dream look.”

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